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8mm, Super 8 to DVD or data files. Read below to learn more.

How much does it cost?

We price film transfers by the foot. Itís $0.21 per foot. An easy way to determine your cost is to measure the reels. Below you will find pricing according to reel size:

february sale

3 inch reel of 8mm or Super8 film $10.50 $9.00
5 inch reel of of 8mm or Super8 film $42.00 $36.00
6 inch reel of of 8mm or Super8 film $63.00 $54.00
7" inch reel of of 8mm or Super8 film $84.00 $72.00

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How do you do it?

We use a process known as ďframe by frameĒ. As each frame of your film passes by a certain point our device takes a digital picture of that frame. Later a computer takes all the pictures and plays them in sequence, at the right speed, to create a movie. Read more at Wikipedia.

What will you transfer them to?

There are 2 options.

  1. DVD (most popular)
    DVD is the current standard for watching video at home. DVDs can be played with DVD Players, Blu-Ray Players PCís, gaming devices and laptops. Our DVDs are made using 100 year archival DVDís. They are guaranteed to keep working for  100 years.
  2. MOV Files
    MOV files are great for watching and editing on a PC or Mac. If you know your way around video editing software, this could be  for you. Our MOV files are MOV containers with MJPEG codec. Read more at Wikipedia.

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8mm to DVD



Why Choose Us?

  • Priced by the foot not by the number of discs needed.
  • 8mm to DVD using a high quality  frame by frame method.
  • All 8mm films cleaned with emulsion cleaner/lubricant before transfer.
  • Long lasting (100 year) Taiyo Yuden DVDs.
  • Over 15 years experience.
  • All U.S. Veterans get 15% off.
  • Copies for friends & family just $8.00 each/or copy them yourself (No copyright lock placed on disc.)
  • 30 day back-up on site for safety & re-orders.
  • No minimum order.
  • We perform all the work in-house by us.
  • Your satisfaction is always guaranteed
  • We do our best to work with special deadlines.
  • Always friendly and professional

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